2004 Mr He Yong, our company's founder and present director, started to personally undertook hdpe geomembrane installation.Since then, he entered the geosynthetic business industry.
2005 Mr He established his first domestic trade company in Feb, Shanghai Yingfan Environmental Materials Co., Ltd.
2006 Mr He’s company entered the development burst period and participated in a lot of landfill geosynthetics and installation services supplies in many places when landfill construction started to enter the booming development period this year in China.
2009 Mr He bought 30000 m2 of land in an industry park located in Shanghai and started his geosynthetic manufacture career according to register Shanghai Yingfan Engineering Material Co., Ltd. with export & import qualification. Our installation team growth is the same with company’s development step from several staff to many dozens of staff.
2016 Shanghai Yingfan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in order to cultivate our installation service career and market our earth work products & installation services in the whole world market.
2017 Shanghai Yingfan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. got the Professional Contractor Qualification Certificate on environmental engineering.
2018 Our branch company in Chengdu city was established, named Sichuan Yingfan Environment Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Shanghai Yingfan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., registered with the capital of RMB 50 million yuan, is specialized in R&D, manufacture, sales and installation services of geosynthetic lining products. Certified by ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS18001, our company provides top quality geosynthetics products, equiped with imported manufacture facilities from Germany and Italy. Thanks to introduction of 3 geomembrane production lines, our company is ranking TOP 1 of HDPE geomembrane manufacturer in China in recent years. Our HDPE geomembrane products have been CE certified. We have more than 16-years experience in geosynthetic lining service at home and abroad. Based on our continual focus on this industry and our firm belief, we are on the way to be the world-class geosynthetic lining products manufacturer and integrated solution provider.

Our Principle & Mission

Our YINGFAN principle is always adhering to our enterprise philosophy of "Integrity, Quality Focus, Narrow Profit, Innovation".  Our Chinese people as well as our company always believe in that integrity sprit is the basis of human being behaviors. Quality focus is the principal value of our company manufacturing and services. Narrow profit can make our clients' benefits maximum and allows each environmental project in each part of the world to be utilized geosynthetics. Innovation means we continually improve our existing products and develop new ones to solve our customers' complex problems according to collaborate with them.

Our YINGFAN mission is to make our ultimate efforts to be the worl-class geosynthetic lining products manufacturer and integrated solution provider.

Our Principle & Mission
Relation Declaration

Relation Declaration

From our company history development, you can see our founder, Mr HE Yong, established and owns 3 companies and 1 branch company in different periods with some different business ranges. Our only goal is to realize our company's mission of "to be worl-class geosynthetic lining products manufacturer and integrated solution provider" via the integration of different companies' functions and marketing forces.

Because of the export and import permission limit, our Shanghai Yingfan Engineering Materials Co., Ltd., (short for Shanghai Yingfan Engineering Materials) will substitute Shanghai Yingfan Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd (short for Shanghai Yingfan Environmental Engineering below) to be titled to deal with practical export issues and related issues.That means right now Shanghai Yingfan Environmental Engineering is playing a much important international market role in our marketing stratege. In our own country, it can undertake more professional engineering projects in bigger scale and wider range, meanwhile it can be engaged in the business of related engineering projects design, consultancy and environmental materials sales. Shanghai Yingfan Engineering Materials is mainly engaged in the business of geosynthetics production, installation service and their export services.


Claim can be spoken loudly but certificates can speak the truths and facts. We have a lot of certificates now but not limited to the following: ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 certificates, CE Certificate, National Industrial Production Permit, Work Safety Standardization Certificate, Work Safety License, Construction Liense and Qulification Certificate, National High-tech Enterprise Certificate, Advanced Enterprise and Quality Star Enterprise Certificates Awarded by SCBMTA, National Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Qulified Certificate, many pattent certificates, etc.